Lactation Counselling 

$70 hourly

One-on-one visits, either over a call, or in person. Help with common breastfeeding challenges, such as latch, supply, positions, etc. If there are serious concerns, I can refer you to a Lactation Consultant if necessary. 


  • Counselling geared specifically towards your individual breastfeedig journeyI work with you to resolve any issues and challenges you are experiencing with breastfeeding and provide guidance and support during this learning process. 

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 Individualized payment plans are available

prenatal (ONLY) Support


Support during pregnancy, as offered in traditional birth doula services, without labor attendance. 2 prenatal visits as well as consistent support from a doula to help navigate birth options, learn about comfort measures and have complete informational and emotional support throughout your pregnancy as you prepare to birth your baby. 


  • Free Consultation to get to know your specific needs for support, answer any questions, and see if we are a good fit!

  • Informational Support on all things prenatal care, birth options, and postpartum. I help by directing you to helpful resources and recommendations and answering any questions about pregnancy and labor to help you feel the most prepared.

  • Emotional Support during pregnancy and helping you process any fears, excitement, overwhelm, etc. and offering a listening ear.

  • Attendance at 1-2 Provider Appointments for support, either alongside a partner/friend/family member or in place of. If restrictions replace attendance I can meet there and wait outside, or video call in. 

  • 2 Prenatal Visits during pregnancy, lasting between 1-2 hours each, where I get to know you and help you prepare for your birth as well as understand your specific needs and wishes for labor. These visits look like:

    • Discusson of common interventions and knowing your options

    • Basic childbirth education and understanding the birth process

    • Working through your mindset, fears, and anxieties about birth and/or postpartum

    • Learning comfort measures and techniques for labor

    • Planning and preparing for postpartum

  • Unlimited phone support during pregnancy and throughout the first 4 weeks postpartum. I answer common questions, offer reassurance, provide referrals, and support you with continuity of care.  

  • Your copy of the Doula Resource Handbook, a guide written by myself and includes articles from other renowned authors and doulas (used with permission).​

  • A Postpartum Visit a few days after you're adjusted at home, lasting betwen 1-2 hours, where we 

    • Review the birth experience, check in with how you're doing and review your mood​ and basic newborn care

    • Breastfeeding Session, where as a Breastfeeding Counselor, I help with common issues and can refer you to a Lactation Consultant if more help is needed. 

 Individualized payment plans are available