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Hospital Births

Why choose a hospital birth? Let's talk about some of the reasons for giving birth in L&D!

Hospital birth is a great option for those who:

- Feel safer next to more technology

-Want more Drs, nurses, techs, and staff nearby

-Want access to pain medications

-Have a higher risk pregnancy or a complication that needs more monitoring

-Have a planned Cesarean due to a complication

-Are being induced

- Are comforted that the NICU is close by

-Are comforted that an OR is close by

-Have insurance that covers hospital fees (whereas out-of-hospital fees may not be covered)

All these things are wonderful and valid reasons to choose a hospital birth. There are definitely pros to having more medical support close by, and it can make many parents feel safe and empowered in that choice.

Ultimately the most important thing is that YOU feel safe, cared for, and comfortable in your birthing environment. Many times, a giving birth in a hospital is just “what you do”, but it’s important to understand WHY you want a hospital birth because you DO have a choice! And there are so many more reasons to choose from (other than “its what everyone else does”).

What other reasons did you choose a hospital birth? Let me know any I left out below!

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