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Mama in Mind Botanicals

The Full Story

Herbalism was something that found me, much like doula work. I've always loved learning about the health benefits of certain plants- I was making hair and face masks in my friend's kitchen as a kid, just throwing everything together because I heard avocados and yogurt and eggs were good for your skin! I've learned some things since then, (and I no longer put eggs in my hair). 

Plant medicine really spoke to me after I became a mom. The overwhelm at how many harmful products are out there was part of what made me turn to nature. Once I started down the rabbit hole of herbalism, I became more and more passionate about how healing and effective plants are, especially in a society that focuses on treating the symtom over the whole being. The ability of plants to reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, balance hormones, change your brain chemistry to promote relaxation were wonders to me. How could a flower growing in my backyard do that!

Moms deserve
holistic herbal care

Herbalism soon became my dear hobby. I started making my own teas and salves and tinctures and started collecting and drying herbs. I began studying and reading herbal encycopedias for fun and soon I knew I wanted to extend my love for herbs to my clients. And so the herbal baskets were born! 


I have been gifting baskets of herbal products to my clients since 2021 and it has been so rewarding to support moms in that additional way. When undergoing such big changes in such a short time, additional holistic care is so deserved. Little ways to pamper yourself, make time for self care, and support your health are priceless, and that is what these products are intended to be. 


Opening Mama in Mind Botanicals has long been in the making, and I am so excited to offer these products to everyone! Whether you are waiting to get pregnant, undergoing pregnancy, or are postpartum or beyond, these products were made with you in mind. Friends and family, gift a basket to the pregnant person in your life as a way to say: "I see you, you deserve this extra little holistic care." 

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