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Prenatal Doula Support


Support during pregnancy, as offered in traditional birth doula services, without labor attendance. 3 prenatal visits as well as consistent support from a doula to help navigate birth options, learn about comfort measures and have complete informational and emotional support throughout your pregnancy as you prepare to birth your baby. 


  • Free Consultation to get to know your specific needs for support, answer any questions, and see if we are a good fit!

  • Informational Support on all things prenatal care, birth options, and postpartum. I help by directing you to helpful resources and recommendations and answering any questions about pregnancy and labor to help you feel the most prepared.

  • Emotional Support during pregnancy and helping you process any fears, excitement, overwhelm, etc. and offering a listening ear.

  • 3 Prenatal Visits during pregnancy, lasting between 1-2 hours each, where I get to know you and help you prepare for your birth as well as understand your specific needs and wishes for labor. These visits look like:

    • Discusson of common interventions and knowing your options

    • Basic childbirth education and understanding the birth process

    • Working through your mindset, fears, and anxieties about birth and/or postpartum

    • Learning comfort measures and techniques for labor

    • A Mock Labor session 

    • Planning and preparing for postpartum

  • Unlimited phone support during pregnancy and throughout the first 4 weeks postpartum. I answer common questions, offer reassurance, provide referrals, and support you with continuity of care.  

  • Herbal & Holistic Support that incorporates natural, plant-based, and intuitive practices that have been utilized for centuries in pregnancy and postpartum care across the world. Recieve a specially curated basket for your individual needs in pregnancy. Often includes nourishing herbal infusions/teas, essential oil blends, and other natural and safe pregnancy aids.  

  • Your copy of the Doula Resource Handbook, a guide written by myself and includes articles from other renowned authors and doulas (used with permission).​

 Individualized payment plans are available.

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