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Postpartum Doula Services

$1080 (24 hours)


Supporting and holding the mother is equally important after the big event. Postpartum support helps ease the transition to parenthood and promotes a gentle 4th Trimester. 24 or 90 total hours of daytime postpartum support, to be divided into shifts that fit your family's needs. Customized hours are also available. 


  • 24 hours of daytime Postpartum Support. Equates to about 2-4 weeks of support, depending on shift scheduling, but can be extended up to 12 weeks postpartum. Shifts are a minimum of 3 hours long. 

  • Individualized support during the fourth trimester and helping with your specific needs during the postpatum time. 

  • Herbal & Holistic Support that incorporates natural, plant-based, and intuitive practices that have been utilized for centuries in pregnancy and postpartum care across the world. Be pampered and celebrated for this rite of passage of becoming a new mother in the form of herbs, oils, nutrition, and other handmade and natural methods.

    • Recieve a specially curated basket for your healing postpartum, including herbal teas/infusions to support recovery, mood stability, and milk production, a herbal sitz bath, nipple balm, and diaper balm salve for baby.

  • Professional Breastfeeding Assistance, as a Lactation Consultant Assistant (LCA) I can help with common breastfeeding challenges such as latch issues, milk suppy problems, basic education, and knowing when to refer to a Lactation Consultant.

  •  Hands-on support during the postpartum period. This can look like: 

    • Support for family's specific needs

    • Emotional Support and encouragement during postpartum period

    • Mother care

    • Preparing herbal sitz baths (from my herbal basket)

    • Postpartum recovery education

    • Newborn care

    • Breastfeeding counseling

    • Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing

    • Help with bathing baby

    • Cord care

    • Establishing routine 

    • Light house work

    • Running errands

    • Food shopping and creating grocery lists

    • Meal preparation 

    • Organizing and tidying the nursery/home

    • Care of older siblings

    • Sibling education and transition

    • Providing Recommendations and Referrals

Individualized payment plans are available.

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