Birth Doula Services


Complete informational, emotional, and physical (hands-on) support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Support extends to all types of birth, whether in a hospital, birthing center, homebirth, ... or a Natural, C-section, Induction, and/or Epidural birth.


  • Free Consultation to get to know your specific needs for support, answer any questions, and see if we are a good fit!

  • 2 Prenatal Visits during pregnancy, lasting between 1-2 hours each, where I get to know you and help you prepare for your birth as well as understand your specific needs and wishes for labor. These visits look like:

    • Discusson of common interventions and knowing your options

    • Basic childbirth education and understanding the birth process

    • Working through your mindset, fears, and anxieties about birth and/or postpartum

    • Learning comfort measures and techniques for labor

  • Herbal & Holistic Support that incorporates natural, plant-based, and intuitive practices that have been utilized for centuries in pregnancy and postpartum care across the world. Be pampered and celebrated for this rite of passage of becoming a new mother in the form of herbs, oils, nutrition, and other handmade and natural methods.

    • During pregnancy: Recieve a specially curated basket for your individual needs in pregnancy. Often includes nourishing herbal infusions/teas, essential oil blends, and other natural and safe pregnancy aids.  

    • During Postpartum: Recieve herbal teas/infusions to support recovery, mood stability, and milk production. During our postpartum visit, I prepare an herbal bath to celebrate you as well as aid in recovery. 

  • Your copy of the Doula Resource Handbook, a guide written by myself and includes articles from other renowned authors and doulas (used with permission).

  • Unlimited phone/email support during pregnancy and throughout the first 4 weeks postpartum. I answer common questions, offer reassurance, provide referrals, and support you with continuity of care. I send helpful emails for pregnancy and preparing for birth as well!

  • 24/7 on call availibility from 37-42 weeks

  • Attendance at the birth and providing continuous support during labor by

    • Setting atmosphere for birth

    • Relaxation techniques

    • Aromatherapy

    • Massage/Counterpressure/Touch Techniques

    • Assisting with labor positions

    • Emotional support and holding space for you

    • Advocating for you (facilitating better communication between birth facility staff and the mother)

    • And many more...  

  • Documentation of the birth with photos and a written outline of your labor through the doula's lens


  • Guaranteed back up doula services 

  • A Postpartum Visit a few days after you're adjusted at home, lasting betwen 1-2 hours, where we 

    • Review the birth experience, check in with how you're doing and review your mood​ and basic newborn care

    • Breastfeeding Session, where as a Lactation Consultant Assistant, I help with common issues and know when to refer for more help

    • I prepare a Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath for you to relax, be pampered and celebrated, and help with recovery down there


 Individualized payment plans are available

Virtual  Birth Doula ServiceS (Completely Online)


Get all the support- no matter the restrictions. All support sessions and other communications will be conducted over Skype, Facetime, Zoom, text, phone, or email. A wonderful option for those who want less face to face contact without compromising on continuous support throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum


  • Free Virtual Consultation using Zoom or Facetime

  • 2 Virtual Prenatal Sessions where we discuss everything from general birth education, to what you want out of your birth experience and how to create your birth plan, as well as going over any questions, fears, or concerns you may have.

  • Copy of Doula Resource Handbook in e-book format with helpful content for postitions, comfort measures, and other techniques that can be used during labor

  • "On call" support via skype/text/phone for the duration of your pregnancy, as well as during labor and delivery. In labor, this can look like anything from answering any questions you may have in labor, then you having your own privacy to labor in your own space. If more questions arise, just call or text again whenever you're ready!

  • During labor- I am available 24/7 and can answer questions about your labor progess, offer ideas for pain management techniques, parter support tips, offer help navigating hospital staff and standards of care, and be a source of support, reassurance, and guidence. I DO NOT go to the hospital to assist with labor or attend the families' homes at any time.

  • Virtual postpartum support session. This includes a 1-2 hour virtual session where I answer any questions about breastfeeding, newborn care, recovery, mental health, etc.