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Homebirths are attended by midwives in your own space (at home... in case that wasn’t obvious..). Home births are for low risk, healthy pregnancies that have had no complications during pregnancy and require little intervention.

Midwives are fully equipped when it comes to home birth. They bring oxygen, IVs, neonatal resuscitation supplies, Pitocin and medications (depends on state), emergency supplies, and much more. Like midwives at a birth center, they are fully trained to recognize potential situations that may require a transfer to a local hospital should the need ever arise. Majority of homebirth transfers are non-emergent (maternal exhaustion, augmenting labor, request epidural/pain meds).

Moving from a space where you’re comfortable to a space that is unfamiliar is notorious for stalling labor progress. With homebirth, this can be avoided as there’s no need to drive anywhere and experience lovely “car-tractions” or labor stall.

After baby is born, midwives clean up everything and leave it just as it was before a human came out of you. They may even cook you a meal and will make sure you’re all taken care of. And you can go right to sleep in your own bed.

In short, some reasons a birthing person might choose a homebirth are they:

- Are healthy throughout their pregnancy

- Want to give birth without unnecessary medical intervention

- Want an intimate, family centered birth experience (** you can have as many support people as you want there)

- Don’t want to change locations during the labor process

- Want full autonomy over birth without needing to advocate for their preferences during labor

- Want access to water birth/birthing tools at any time

- Want less exposure to germs in hospital or a birth center (being in your own microbiota is healthy)

- Want their own comforts close by (kitchen, bathroom, own bed)

While homebirth is becoming more common in America, still only 1% of births occur at home. Homebirth is safe, and can be really beautiful if that is the type of birth that YOU want and are comfortable with.

As a doula, it’s my job to be up to date on research and to present all options non judgmentally!

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